council of elders


Mama Pam Williams

Commission of Economic Planning and Development

This commission’s purpose is the development and administration of the financial, economic, and material resources of the Community.

Baba Jahi Awakoieye

Commission of Community Development and Training

The purpose of the commission of Community Development and Training shall be to create programs to train, upgrade and develop expertise in all fields of knowledge which are necessary for the growth and development of the people of the Community.

Baba Sidney Coulter

Commission of Spiritual Life and Assistance

The purpose of this commission is projecting the spirituality of the Wo’se Community, and the conducting, planning and directing of the Community worship service/celebrations.

Mama Akanke Peyton

Commission of Intelligence and Security

This commission focuses on the protection of the members and the assets of the Community.

Mama Ngina Lockett

Mama Ngina Lockett

Commission of Circle Affairs

This commission is responsible for developing social events for members of the Community, coordinating  and providing a welcome to visitors and fellowship food at Sunday celebration/services.

Mama Afua Carol Yates

Commission of Pan African Affairs

The purpose of this commission shall be the creation and development of information and resource networks between the Community and other organizations and entities dedicated to the advancement of African peoples on all levels.

Brother Desmond Iman

Commision of Community Service

The purpose of this commission is to promote the internal well-being of the people of the Community by providing links to essential human services.

Baba Katabazi Coleman

Baba Katabazi Coleman

Administrative Elder

The Administrative Elder is responsible for the day to day functioning of the Community’s business and any and all administrative matters that do not fall under the specified duties or responsibilities of any other Commission or Office.

Mama Fanya Ka Makini

Mama Fanya Ka Makini


The Treasurer is the custodian of the Community’s banking books, responsible for the disbursement and
accounting of the monies used by all Commissions and
entities of the Community.

Baba Jahi Awakoaiye

Mama Darnisha Wright


The Community Recorder is responsible for the recording and disseminating the transactions of the Council of Elders to the Community membership, including agendas and minutes of meetings.

Baba Tyehimba Peyton


The Community Clerk is responsible for the recording and registration of all new members to the Wo’se Community, maintaining all membership records and developing and coordinating the Membership Committee.